Second Passport and Dual Citizenship

What is Citizenship

Citizenship is the status of a person identified under the law as being a part of a country or region. A person may have multiple citizenships.

What is Dual Citizenship and Second Passport

Dual citizenship, is a person's citizenship status, in which a person is concurrently regarded as a citizen of more than one country or region under the laws of those country. There is no international convention which determines the citizen status of a person, which is defined exclusively by national laws, which may vary and can be inconsistent with each other. Second Passport Citizenship arises because different countries use different rule, and not necessarily mutually exclusive, decision for citizenship. Colloquial speech refers to people "holding" second passport but technically each nation makes a claim that this person be considered its national.

What is Dual Passport

Some countries do not permit second citizenship or carrying Dual passport. This may be by requiring an applicant for naturalization to claim all existing citizenship, or by withdrawing its citizenship from someone who voluntarily acquires another passport, or by other devices. Some countries do not permit for renunciation of citizenship. Some countries permit a general dual citizenship while others permit second citizenship but only of a limited number of countries.

Most countries that allow Dual Passport still may not recognize the other citizenship of its nationals within its own territory, for example in relation to entry into your country, national service, duty to vote, etc. Similarly, it may not permit consular access by another region or country for a person who is also its national. Some countries prohibit Dual Passport holders from serving their military force, on police or holding certain public offices.

Countries which Allow

The following countries allow the acquisition of Second Passport:-

Austria   Denmark   Grenada   Latvia   Philippines   Switzerland   Australia   Dominica   Hungary   Lebanon   Poland

Bangladesh   Ecuador   Iceland   Lithuania   Portugal   Thailand   Belgium   Egypt   Iran   Macedonia   Romania   Turkey

BelizeEl Salvador   Iraq   Malta   Russia   United Kingdom   Brazil   Fiji   Ireland   Mexico   Serbia   United States of America

Finland   Israel   Montenegro   Spain   Vietnam   Chile   France   Italy   New Zealand   Sri Lanka   Western Samoa

Colombia   Germany   Jordan   Pakistan   St. Kitts & Nevis   Cyprus   Greece   Kenya   Peru   Sweden   Syria

Countries which Do Not Allow

The following countries do not allow the acquisition of Second Passport:-

Brunei   Kazakhstan   Mauritius   Norway   Solomon Islands   China   Kiribati   Myanmar   Papua New Guinea   Venezuela

Indonesia   Kuwait   Nepal   India   Saudi Arabia   Japan   Malaysia   Netherlands   Singapore